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Personal assistant for concierge services

  • ~ About us ~

    Personal assistant concierge

    NEWLIFE is a providing services company which suits every request to satisfy each of its customer requirements.

    Recognized professional background

    For over fifteen years, founders of NEWLIFE have gained their experience by performing various fields of professional activities and leaderships: personal assistant, business introducer, chauffeur, bodyguard for every standards of V.I.Ps (business men and women, celebrities, governments, firms ...)

    This practical experience also continues beyond our borders. Having worked in many foreign countries, we have dealt with clients from all social and cultural origins, thus getting us an international background.

    Our goals: Fastness, Efficiency, Privacy, Excellence

    NEWLIFE aims to improve and make your daily life easier. We offer efficiency, reliability, responsiveness, creativity, saving time, energy and money.

    Beyond fulfilling your enquiries, we are also able to offer tips of holidays, activities, events which you would probably not thought of.

    NEWLIFE acts, in some way, as a concierge platform which awaits you into finest luxury hotels. To your request, we bring you answers and solutions fully specific and customized.

    Consider NEWLIFE as your personal assistant, it will follow you mainly on the French Riviera and France but also abroad. It will make your daily needs easier and solve your problems in a record time.

    We are mainly based on the French Riviera at : Cannes, Monaco and St Tropez
    But our associates NEWLIFE offer you same services into these well-known cities:
    Paris, London, Barcelona - Ibiza, Rome - Milan, Mykonos, Los Angeles - Las Vegas - Miami - New York, Phuket, New Delhi, Dubai.

    Carefully selected partners, competitive rates

    Our field experience has allowed us to strictly select our partners’ network; they are the most competent and professional and will fully meet all your expectations.
    Rates are negotiated in order to be the most competitive while meeting your widest requirements.

    Moreover, the majority of our services are not charged, we acting as a broker.
    The only charged services are: Personal Assistant Service and Night Life.