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Corporate Assistant

  • ~ Services for corporate customers ~

    What are the benefits of having one single contact?

    You save time, energy, money and you know who you talk to!

    By sending their collaborators, associates, employees or even clients to any places where NewLife operates and especially the French Riviera, companies must have many contacts with reliable contractors in order to realize a smooth and efficient project.

    NewLife offers to be the single contact to answer every needs and enquiries. We coordinate all services provided and follow every step, from the arrival to departure.

    Whether a company must be represented to a convention, an event or invite its clients to an event, we will organize their stay, provide all logistic and energy at a competitive cost.

    All of our partners and professionals have been carefully selected in regards of their skills, competences and we have negotiated their rates. It allows us to provide services by respecting market prices or even being lower.

    We encourage our customers to compare, prices and quality, with other services providers.

    Moreover, one single invoice will be delivered, making your accounting management much more easier.