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Quality commitment

  • ~ Quality commitment ~

    Partners and collaborators

    In order to comply with our main principles of quality, excellence and availability, NEWLIFE has carefully selected its partners as being the most able to answer to your expectations.

    We have federated our network of professionals in an address book where each partners remain independent in order to optimize communication and ensure the best efficiency. All of our collaborators, local or in the other countries have proven, with no exception, their professional’s skills and seriousness.
    NEWLIFE is in constant negotiation with its partners to make sure that best rates are applied, or even, below the market rates.

    Quality of services

    NEWLIFE bases its success on your appreciation and the highest quality of service provided.
    Thus, we have decided to limit the amount of our customers in order to, always, provide a perfect service and maintain our commitment of quality and effectiveness. Each provision of services provided to you is customized and responds exclusively at your requirements.

    NEWLIFE is sometimes approached by "inquisitive people" who waste our precious time. This time is also valuable for you! Therefore, we might deny to process and realize on unproven and serious enquiries.

    Non-disclosure and confidentiality terms

    In order to respect the entire moral integrity of our customers and confidentiality terms, NEWLIFE bans any communication and external use of personal data and services provided to its customers. We disclaim all contact with press and media.

    A non-disclosure agreement (in French and English) is signed between our partners, collaborators, stakeholders and customers. In case of disputes or violations of this contract's terms, NEWLIFE and the client might seize the courts.

    Compliance with laws and regulations

    NEWLIFE acts with integrity, honesty and openness to develop its business in compliance with laws and regulations.

    Protection of its staff

    NEWLIFE manages and supervises its staff to guarantee an excellent service.
    For your benefit, we have carefully selected them for their skill, background, flexibility and sense of services. Each of them is valuable and flawless. We will not accept any disrespectful behavior of their character and commit ourselves to exclude, from our files, any customer with inappropriate behavior.