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Concierge services Cannes

  • ~ Cannes Film Festival and Concierge Services ~

    Welcome to Festival, welcome to Cannes, welcome to our World

    The Cannes International Film Festival is the most important and biggest film festival in the world.
    Cannes is a small city, consider it as a village with 74 000 inhabitants.
    During the film festival, Cannes is stormed by 120 000 to 140 000 visitors.

    What does this mean?

    Hotels are fully booked, rental cars are almost not available, many workers such as chauffeurs, handymen, security agents etc, are employed and do not even know how this film festival operates, prices raise from 50 to 80%, parties are organized everywhere in Cannes and cities around. Using concierge services in Cannes at this period is highly recommanded.
    During the Film Festival, local people compare their city as a jungle!

    All majors production and distribution film companies have offices in Paris, allowing them to organize their venue one year in advance.
    Most of the independent film companies don’t have any touch for their organization and waste a precious time to structure they stay. Some of them decide to come in Cannes at the very last minute.
    They have no clue who to contact and if their touches are reliable in matter of quality of service and price.

    What NEWLIFE offers you?

    NEWLIFE's founders and managers have been working in and around the festival for over 15 years for concierge services in Cannes and personal assistant services. All of our partners have been selected in regards of their quality of service and rates have been negotiated in order to offer perfect solutions of to our customers.
    NEWLIFE and its partners are local and we perfectly know how the Cannes Film festival operates.
    In a single world, we provide EVERYTHING: air and earth transportation, accommodation and hotel booking, security, event organization, set up of exhibition stands, handymen, advises and all assistance for logistic and organization matters.

    Concierge Services in Cannes