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Estate Management in Monaco, Saint-Tropez, Cannes

  • ~ Services for individuals ~

    Estate Management

    Assistant estate management

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    Real partner of your private life, NEWLIFE organizes, manages and coordinates stewardship of your property while respecting your ideas, tastes, choices and decisions.

    It makes your life easier by taking care of your multiple tasks or daily hassles:

    • Optimizing your personal or family diary
    • Selecting best quotation for your work and new constructions, renovation, development, design ...
    • Overseeing construction works and management of your home.
    • Coordinating all interventions related with service providers and staff: cleaning, ironing, cooking, gardening…

    A flexible presence for efficient service

    Whether they are casual or permanent household staff such as cleaning, babysitting, gardening… or other services which might request specialized companies response, we are able to provide you our trustworthy network of partners and subcontractors. They might be contracted per task, hour, day and at home.

    Qualified and trained personel

    With discretion, professionalism and availability, our personnel will satisfy you effectively without interfering or intruding on your privacy.

    Operations related with your residence

    Our service is not solely limited to the management of your property. Whether it is your second or vacation residence, you can make profit on your investment during your absence. NEWLIFE watches over and ensures of seriousness of all operations.

    Our services are personalized. Therefore, we can not provide an exhaustive list: we adapt ourselves to all your enquiries, as diverse and varied they might be.
    We can perform all tasks of "practical life" that you will submit to us.

    Give us your tasks by delegating them, lighten your daily and enjoy a new quality of life! Just a NEWLIFE.

    For more information, possibilities and rates, feel free to contact us.