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    Personal assistant

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    Well-known from our customers, concierge services in luxury hotels run an interactive way between the client and the hotel by providing information and services which cover all needs, coming from and going to, outside the facility.
    Unfortunately, they are never physically present to check if your service has been properly received and implemented.
    While effective, this hotel's service is not customized.

    Personal assistant department ?

    Personal Assistant' department from NEWLIFE operates the same way but can be present to ensure that your services are fully and personally realized.
    We provide you a personalized assistance through a hotline, which is a telephone number reachable, 24/24 - 7 / 7. We will answer to all your enquiries for all your needs and will respond to any problems you might meet during your stay. We work in many cities for concierge services such as: Cannes, Monaco, Saint-Tropez...

    In order to provide a perfect service, we have included following services: Well-being and Service & Staff.
    Those are dedicated to our “personal assistant” subscribers.
    This benefit is delivered by weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and year subscription.

    Personal assistant is offered, free of charge, to our customers who use Yachting and Estate Management' services, providing them through a hotline, a punctual physical presence of a NEWLIFE assistant.

    NEWLIFE's personal assistant at your side

    Other option, even more efficient and exclusively customized, is the standing physical presence of a NEWLIFE assistant at your side.
    See him as your personal assistant or private secretary, he will be your executive for all your decisions, will be your advisor and will make sure that everything is perfectly realized and coordinate.
    Exclusive personal assistant department is charged by day.

    Please check out our rates