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Rates for personal assistant

  • ~ Rates ~

    Personal assistance, concierge service

    NEWLIFE provides you a customized assistance through a hotline, which is a telephone number reachable, 24/24 - 7/7.
    Your assistant will answer to all your enquiries for all your needs and will respond to any problem you might meet during your stay.

    • 1 Week: 250 EUR
    • 2 Weeks: 400 EUR
    • 1 Month: 650 EUR
    • 1 Year: 6.500 EUR

    Personal assistant at you side

    Exclusivity of NEWLIFE, one of our collaborator who is a former personal assistant, butler or bodyguard will assist you physically for all your enquiries.
    They will be at your side twelve hours (12) per day and will take care of everything.
    They will provide you a « one on one » service by realizing all your needs.

    • 1 Day:  600 EUR

    Night Life

    Option 1 - On call:

    This option will ensure you to obtain a booking in one of the best table of the facility you have choosen (night club, restaurant, beach, trendy places).
    We will make the booking and will assist you to get in the facility without waiting outdoor.
    Just call us for booking, show up at the door, then the doorman will receive, by phone, the order to get you in.

    • From 1 to 4 people: 200 EUR
    • Per extra person: 50 EUR

    Option 2 - On site:

    Same than the Option 1 but one of our collaborator will come to you and drive you, from the door, straight to your table and will make sure that everything is doing smooth an perfect.

    • From 1 to 4 people: 500 EUR
    • Per extra person: 100 EUR