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Rent a Yacht in Cannes, Monaco, Saint-Tropez

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    Rent a yacht in cannes and Saint-Tropez

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    In terms of Yachting, the French Riviera’s renowned is well established.

    Be aware that ALL super and mega yachts from all around the world must have navigate and park, at least once, into French Riviera’s waters.

    NEWLIFE is pleased to make you share this extraordinary environment which is the Yachting.

    Simplify and make yachting more affordable

    Some of these yacht units are for lease and ready for charter. Their size range varies from 65Ft to 395Ft.
    Therefore you may take advantage of those wonderful exceptions to enjoy the sea pleasure:
    Heading southwards to explore Corsica and Sardaigna, eastwards to discover Nice, Monaco and Italy but also to the West to take advantage of St Tropez and Iles du Levant.
    We are privileged to own a directory book of yacht owners and managers who rent them out straight to us.
    Thus, we are able to bring you priority and availability and have also a negotiated fares policy.

    Perfect holidays, at your image

    We are aware that yachting field is dedicated to exceptional customers, therefore, your requirements and terms will be complied. NEWLIFE keeps an eye on every details of your lease.
    Whether you foresee to relax a day at sea or would like to cruise for a week, we will find the unit that will match your expectations.

    NEWLIFE is also at your disposal to organize any type of event or seminar on boats planned for it.

    Our personal assistant service will be offered, free of charge, to assist you throughout your rental. True ally of the crew, this service will help you to obtain a parking space in most ports and will be with you to make your stay easier, especially to make everything ready ashore.


    To happy owners, NEWLIFE, may provide full management of your property: arrangement, set up, repair, maintenance, crew management, safety… NEWLIFE acts as an independent consultant dedicated to the owner's service allowing him to keep a peaceful eye on his boat. We receive directly your instructions and apply them in accordance with the captain.