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    Services & Staff

    NewLIFE - Executive services - Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Saint-Tropez

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    These services are exclusivity of our personal assistant service's subscribers.

    In order to lighten and simplify your daily, we offer you a qualified, trained and carefully selected staff which will know how to satisfy your requirements.
    NEWLIFE adapts itself to every detail of your life, thus, our list of services below is not closed and will be updated to suit your needs.
    However, for information, we have set a list of services and personel that are the most requested by our customers.


    • Pet Sitting: walk out and leisure, grooming and care of your pets
    • Administration handlings: management of your appointments, phone lines transferring to our office, staff management, administrative matters...
    • Delivery: receiving of deliveries and personalized delivery of your goods to recipients
    • Renovation works, decoration and interior design
    • Hair dresser and make up artist
    • Laundries drop off and withdraw

    Household staff

    • Butler
    • Housekeeper and maid
    • Cleaning staff
    • Babysitting and childcare
    • Gardening and green areas design
    • Swimming pool maintenance
    • Chef and kitchen staff
    • Waiter and bartender
    • Host and hostess
    • And moreā€¦

    Please, think to specify the way you want our staff work for you:

    • Lawful contract between the employee and the customer (following French regulations)
    • NEWLIFE provides you the staff as subcontractor
    • Some of our staff members are independent and can act as free lance

    Once again, do not hesitate to contact us for any special needs.

    Day after day, we are beside you at every moment.